Grass Fed Tallow

Gather Superfoods Tallow proudly comes from 100% Grass-Fed & Finished cows. Used for centuries as a healthy fat, tallow has gone into hiding in recent years but we are here to bring life and love back to this wonderful superfood! While both internally and externally healing, it provides benefits from fat burning fuel to external suppleness of the skin. Rich in vitamins and minerals and super high in CLAs, Tallow is one superfood needed to thrive!
Tallow brings us closer to nature through the energy of both plants and animals, working in harmony together.
Tallow is an amazing fry oil that can be used, filtered and used again for many yummy goodies!
We love slathering tallow all over our body, especially the lips, hands and feet where we need a bit more moisture. This amazing fat so closely resembles the makeup of human skin that it deeply penetrates leaving you moisturized and not a bit greasy!


*dairy and gluten free

*high smoke point of 420

*rich in CLAs

*packed with vitamins A, D, E & K