-What is Tallow?


Pure silky white heaven! Our tallow is 100% grass fed and finished beef fat that typically comes from the areas around the kidneys and other nutrient dense organs. This hard ‘suet’ gets rendered down (melted down) and filtered out to leave you with the most wonderful of oils and quickly hardens at room temperature. As we are 100% grass-fed and finished, our tallow is rich in CLA!


-What is Ghee?


Deliciousness ready to slather all over EVERYTHING. Ok for real though, ghee is derived from butter. The butter is cooked down to remove all of the butterfat/milk solids to create a wonderful pure butterfat that is lactose and casein free. This nutty creation is a great butter substitute for anyone with a dairy intolerance, it is amazing for sautéing, frying, baking or eating right out of the jar. Ghee is jam packed with vitamins & nutrients, helps to lower cholesterol (yes it is true), promotes flexibility by lubricating your tissue and vitality.


-Do fats make me fat?


Why of course not silly! It is an amazing new world today where views of the past are finally being corrected! These wonderful fats actually have the ability to do the very opposite due to their high levels of CLAs which help promote weight loss.



-What is Grass-Fed?


To us, we mean business when we say grass-fed but we are only talking about our own values here. Our fats come from animals that are 100% pastured, 100% grass fed and finished, meaning they NEVER ever ever have grain! Unfortunately in the world today it is easy to say you are grass-fed even if your animals just eat a bit of grass fed here and there. It’s like saying we are chocolate fed just because we may have a bit of chocolate here and there…it is not our entire diet (let’s hope not anyway).


-Why is 100% Grass-Fed Important?


OMG is it ever! Well for starters if it is just partially grass fed it means that it could have all of the most awful GMO filled grain out there while still enjoying an occasional chomp of grass. This is bad bad bad because what that animal eats is exactly what you eat! The fat that comes from these beautiful creatures is a condensed form of whatever it is that is consumed. If that is soy, corn GMO grain then you are essentially eating just that! IF that is beautiful lush grass, you are getting a huge nutrient blast. You must know what you eat ate so you know what you really ate.


-Can it go bad/storing?


When kept poorly we can all go bad! If kept properly, these beauties can last for years! Our fats are shelf stable and there is no need to refrigerate (ghee is actually bad to refrigerate; I'll fill you in more on that later!). You should always make sure that if you want to use a fat that you are always putting in a clean utensil to not contaminate. If you know you will use it quickly, hey why not stick your finger in there…NO…I was testing you, DON’T DO IT…stick the clean spoon in and lick away! We also recommend to keep in a dark pantry so that it is not in direct contact with heat (from sun or stove).


-How do I use it (internal/external)


How do you not use it is the real question!?!?! Both ghee and tallow have been used for centuries both internally and externally. Tallow has been used in soap making, candle making, and wonderful as a moisturizer for the skin as it is most closely related to the makeup of our human skin. Ghee has also been traditionally known to be used topically as a mask and moisturizer.


For cooking, ghee can be replaced with anything you would typically use butter for (just remember to add a bit of salt as there is no salt in our ghee J). It is miraculous for frying or using as a substitute for any cooking/sautéing oil you may prepare. It helps with not allowing your food to stick to the pan so it is always enjoyed for frying eggs, fish, sweet potato fries…ok I am getting hungry now!


Tallow is most commonly known for being a wonderful fry oil. You can simply put the entire jar into a pot/pan, fry any of your wildest dreams and then simply place through a coffee filter back into the jar and voila it is ready to be used again and again! It is also a great oil to use for sautéing and searing of any kind.