About Us


Ashley and Shuki were brought into each other’s lives over a love of food…of really really GOOD food and over the last decade they have spent so much time indulging in all that life could offer. From trips to California and New York to creating their own at home concoctions of everything you can possibly imagine.


Ashley comes from a farm in Camden, Maine where living as close to nature just comes natural. A decade ago Ashley discovered an auto immune disease that emotionally took her over but she was able to quickly heal herself through food with the help of Shuki and all his amazing research!


Shuki was raised in Newton, MA where he was always fueling his body with the best items he could find to support his love for running since high school.

They work together; juggling three companies, with a family of five (twins on the way!) and as crazy as life can be, they make sure that what they put in is always the best quality possible. They never get sick, they haven’t gone to traditional doctors in nearly a decade and they love creating new projects to share with the world!