Brown Butter Ghee

Gather Superfoods Brown Butter is the most delicious and nutritious fat one can consume. This ancient superfood is known for its amazing healing abilities internally and externally. While nourishing and alkalizing for our bodies, it also provides us with powerful physical and mental stamina, reduces inflammation and is rich in vitamins and minerals needed to thrive!

The motherly love that ghee delivers us through the energy of both plants and animals brings us closer to nature with every taste.

Use this wonderful nutty superfood to replace all of your butter needs from baking to spreading, sautéing to cooking! You will find yourself wanting to stick your finger directly into the jar and enjoy (but try to be a little sanitary because this baby can last forever as long as it is not contaminated).
*lactose and casein free
*high smoke point of 485
*rich in omega 3
*packed with vitamins A, D, E & K

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